Own and shared philosophies, feelings, values
added to the journey of brand building


Brand (and business) building is a unique journey to everyone. It is an ongoing, unique journey about continuously becoming and evolving. It is a journey with Purpose, Plan, Process, Persistence, Patience, People.

  • Purpose – to keep you motivated 
  • Plan – to keep you focused
  • Process – to keep you structured 
  • Persistence – to keep you moving 
  • Patience – to keep you calm 
  • People – to keep you supported 

Purpose comes from you. Persistence and Patience are up to you.

In the rest – Plan, Process and People – I will help you. 

Enikő Mária Domján


It is a must-have to building things and to achieving goals, be them anywhere in your life. If you want to build a business or brand, you must embrace it, since you will often need it.

For me persistence has an extra importance, too. If your talent is not enough, you can win with your hard work and persistence. You can compensate everything by taking the extra mile and by never giving up.

In a service-based business, especially in a consultancy, for me it is obvious that I handle my clients’ businesses, brands, problems and goals as they would be mine – responsibly, proactively and carefully.

This is the same approach from my cooperating partners, since at the end it is a teamwork, so collective actions and collective ownership are essential.

Building a brand is a process. Process is about progress. Progress requires movement. Movement needs energy. Energy appreciates positivity. Positivity has a vibrance. Vibrance is the result of small pieces of collective action. Collective action makes changes. Changes happen for a purpose. And a purpose is value oriented in a ’normal world’.  And the chain is complete.

If you want to have a strong business and brand, also your people must be strong – with the right skills, competencies, responsibilities, mindsets and authorities.

I think, empowerment is a good way to help people develop a lot and become stronger by enabling them to recognize their own strengths, weaknesses, boundaries and resources, and to overcome their limits.

If I promise something, it will happen so. This is what I mean by this value. This is the foundation of trust and credibility.

So, if I promise to provide a profound, precise and quality work, you can count on me. And if I see something risky, I also honestly tell it to make your expectations appropriate to the reality.

Meaning of P.O.W.E.R


Communication PoweR

I do believe in the power of communication. Every business has a responsibility to use it for good goals, build its brand with purpose and support any minor or major cause by spreading the word, walking the talk and making positive impact on customers’ life.

SmallBiz PoweR

I do believe in the power of small businesses. Their innovative ideas, continuous experimentation, lifelong learning and never-ending persistence can change the status quo and move both the micro and macro economy forward.

Woman PoweR

I do believe in the power of women. The special combination of their toughness and softness, rational thinking and emotional approach spiced up with their collective actions can make BIG changes.


Everybody has a responsibility to use it for good goals, build his/her life, business and brand with purpose,
influence any minor or major cause by spreading the word, walking the talk and making a positive impact.

My purpose

By using the power of communication my ’why’ is to help people in their game-changing goals.

My mission

By sharing my know-how and network I help entrepreneurs use the power of communication to purposefully build their brands and authentically speak to their audiences.

My vision

With my consultancy work and advocatory communication, I aim to contribute to a responsible business ecosystem, which consists of brands driven by The UN Global Goals, thinks of the next generation and builds a sustainable future.