Brand Development in the World of Injection Molding: Case Study for AGS Group

How to Develop a B2B Communication Strategy and Brand Identity for a Group of Companies?

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In this Case Study you can learn more about how I collaborated with AGS Group. I will lead you on the key points of the work together, what were the challenges, critical parts of the workflow and how I helped in the brand positioning, brand architecture clarification, communication strategy development, messaging formulation, brand visual renewal, and afterwards in the websites’ revamp and in the execution of PR and social media communications.

Needs & Challenges


My Role


November 2020 - May 2022

1. About the Industry

The manufacturing sector, particularly injection molding, is characterized by its technical complexity and conservative market communication. AGS aimed to stand out not just with its engineering and manufacturing capabilities but also with its innovative, forward-thinking mindset.

Understanding the complex landscape of this industry was critical in (re-)positioning.


2. Duration of Joint Work

This collaboration covered over 1.5 years, marked by in-depth analysis, collective brainstorming incl. several colleagues from different departments, and comprehensive execution. From the initial communication strategy formulation to the renewal of the brand’s presence, the project demanded a deep dive into the manufacturing world, peak in a significant brand relaunch in 2021.


3. Purpose of Joint Work

The objectives were twofold:

firstly, to establish a brand behind the expansive operations of AGS that reflects its professionalism and position in the industry; and

secondly, to refresh the method of communication that not only matches the company’s high standards of professionalism but also portrays a sense of innovation. This involved more than just a facelift; it required a strategic overhaul of AGS’s brand framework to ensure that each sub-brand effectively communicated its distinct value while remaining coherent with the overall brand narrative.


4. About the Process

Market Research

The project kicked off with extensive market research, including a deep dive into competitor analysis, comprehensive descriptions and definitions of target groups, SWOT analysis, and direct customer interviews. This foundational work was essential for pinpointing market gaps and opportunities, setting the direction for AGS’s rebranding.


Positioning and Communication Strategy

Building on the insights gained, we defined the brand positioning, devised a B2B communication strategy that aligned with business goals, sales and product strategy. This enclosed the development of a coherent brand architecture, a varied communication mix for short-, medium-, and long-term goals and also an action plan with a roadmap.


Brand Identity and Brand Messaging

With a clear strategy in place, I focused on establishing a distinct brand identity and messaging. This phase was grounded in the previously defined brand architecture and positioning, encompassing the creation of essential brand and key messages for the umbrella brand, as well as for all sub brands. I articulated value propositions, problem-solution-benefit statements, credibility and differentiating points, and the slogan in Hungarian. Of course, the brand’s values, mission and vision were also summarized, and the brand story was formulated, too. Brand traits and characteristics, and content guidelines also covered in this phase.


Brand Visual Identity

In collaboration with an external graphic design agency, we undertook a refresh of the brand’s visual identity. This step was informed by the strategic groundwork, leading to updated logos and a new brand look that reflected our strategy, positioning, and brand character.

Websites’ Renewal

The next phase I took charge of rebuilding the websites’ architecture (AGS Group, AGS Engineering, AGS Tools, AGS Machines), which included restructuring wireframes, renewing the content and rewriting the copy to more effectively convey the group of brand and its key messages. This was a collaborative effort with the design agency and a web developer to ensure the new digital presence resonated with the strategic vision.


Social Media and PR Communication

Assisting the newly appointed marketing communication person, I guided the development of a content strategy for key social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. These online presences were complemented by PR communications (driven by a PR agency that managed press articles and interviews) and event appearances. Additionally to these focus areas taking the advantage of partnerships and those earned channels was also in the center of B2B communication.

5. What Was the End Result?

The branding strategy segmented AGS Group into three distinct yet interconnected brands (highlighting AGS Group as an umbrella brand): AGS Engineering, AGS Tools, and AGS Machines, each with pre-existing roots, now redefined with strategic clarity and a targeted messaging. This division allowed each sub-brand to articulate its unique value proposition, benefit statements, differentiating and credibility points, while still aligning with the overarching vision and values of the AGS umbrella brand.

By characterizing the sub-brands according to their specific business lines, individual mini-stories were crafted for each, allowing for a more personalized narrative that resonates with varied audience segments. The comprehensive strategy ensured that while each brand maintained its unique identity, they collectively echoed the core values, mission, vision, and slogan of the AGS umbrella brand, creating a cohesive yet flexible brand ecosystem. This strategic reorganization not only reinforced AGS’s market position as a multifaceted and innovative member but also enhanced its ability to communicate more effectively across its diversified operations.

In case of the B2B communication strategy and Messaging development, I was aware of the conservative nature of the industry AGS operates within. Therefore, while crafting the narrative and visual identity for AGS Group, AGS Engineering, AGS Tools, and AGS Machines, I ensured that the wording remained factual and grounded, avoiding any departure from the industry’s expectations of professionalism and reliability.

At the same time, it was important to infuse the brand’s visual identity with a sense of freshness, reflective of the company’s dynamic essence and the average younger age of its team (comparing to the industry average). This careful balance aimed to present AGS not only as a part in innovation and quality but also as a vibrant and forward-thinking entity, capable of challenging the status quo while respecting the foundational principles of its sector.

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6. Client Feedback

Collaboration with the AGS Group was based on mutual trust.

Richárd Varga, Founder and CEO of AGS Group, noted, “Enikő’s profound professional knowledge, experience, and attention to detail have significantly contributed to building our brand, fostering our company’s growth. She shared her expertise in a comprehensive and clear manner. The straightforward, transparent communication and mutual trust were key to the success of our collaboration.”


7. My Reflection on the Project

The world of injection molding was a new and unknown for me. However, I was excited to gain new experience and insights in this area, so accepting this “challenge”, saying “yes” on this project was not a question for me.

Going deep into the industry, understanding competitors, customers, and the AGS team was crucial for developing effective positioning, brand identity with messaging, brand communication strategy and plans, and later also for the website structure and content. The collaboration with the AGS Group was incredibly enriching, enhanced by the team’s expertise and willingness to cooperate.

The industry was initially unfamiliar territory, and the project was a bit complex in a positive way due to the ecosystem of different business lines and brands, and due to the cooperation of different involved marketing professionals… This journey has been illustrating the impact of strategic branding and the importance of a cohesive approach in brand evolution.

Embarking on a project to redefine the identity of a manufacturing company within the injection molding sector presented a unique blend of challenges and opportunities. This case study defines the path taken with AGS Group to take its B2B brand communication to a next level, to reflect the company’s inherent professionalism while introducing a fresh perspective to its existing narrative.



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