Launching a Brand’s Journey: Case Study For The Hemingway Cult & Bar

How to put the essence of a spirit into your brand communication?

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In this Case Study you can learn more about how I successfully collaborated with Hemingway Cult & Bar. I will lead you on the key points of the work together, what were the challenges, critical parts of the workflow and how I helped in the launch of an exclusive, unique brand in a short-term notice.

Needs & Challenges


My Role


1. About the Industry

In the hospitality sector of Szombathely, opening a new place is a challenge, since the city has had already old-new well-known places that are enough for and popular among the citizens as well as the visitors coming from the neighbourhood.

Hemingway Cult & Bar aimed to stand out in this industry, not just as another bar, but as a place of elegance and cultural richness. Understanding this industry landscape was crucial in positioning Hemingway not just as a bar, but as an experience. Where business, culture and art can join in one place.


2. Duration of Joint Work

Our collaboration covered almost a year, marked by intense brainstorming, careful planning, and detailed execution. Starting with brainstorming in early 2022, our partnership went through many detailed stages. By the launch later that year, we made sure Hemingway’s vision matched its place in the market and what the audience expected. Before the launch, there was a collaborative effort for 3-4 months. Following the launch, still I helped the team for six months, but in a less intensive way.


3. Purpose of Joint Work

The goal was multifaceted: to build Hemingway Cult & Bar as a well-known, attractive brand in Szombathely’s hospitality market, and to create a brand that resonates emotionally and culturally with its patrons.

The aim was to create the essence of Hemingway’s literary legacy into a modern bar experience, thereby attracting a clientele that appreciates both fine drinks, gastronomy and culture.


4. About the Process

Market Research and Positioning

The journey began with an in-depth market analysis conducted between April and May 2022. This important phase focused on learning about the competition among city’s bistros and bars, setting standards, and choosing our target market position. This research gave us key insights into what consumers like and want, laying a strong base for our next plans.


Target Group and Buyer Persona Development

Armed with market insights, target audience clarification was the next step, which meant turning the research into a detailed profile of our ideal customer, including not only their demographics, but also their interests, and habits. This profile then guided the whole branding, making sure visuals and messages were well-targeted and attractive.


Launch Communication Strategy and Mix

With a well-defined target audience, I crafted a communication strategy with a marketing-PR communication mix. Although long-run strategy was outlined, due to the available short time, I had to focus mainly on the short-term elements by selecting the optimal channels and methods for reaching and engaging with the audience in the launch period.


Brand Identity Formation

Following the establishment of the communication strategy, I delved into creating the brand’s core elements – its personality with messaging incl. characteristics, values, story, , and differentiators. I closely combined these elements to create a unique brand identity that truly reflects Hemingway’s spirit. The final step was crafting a concise one-sentence summary and a catchy slogan that perfectly captured the essence of Hemingway Cult & Bar.


Website Development and Design Integration

Transitioning from brand strategy to digital presence, I spearheaded the website’s structural design, creating a wireframe that laid out the user experience and site architecture.

My role extended to copywriting, providing that the web content aligned seamlessly with the brand voice and communicated the value proposition effectively. Based on this groundwork, the web developer built a website that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also user-friendly and reflective of Hemingway’s unique brand identity.

Simultaneously, I provided key inputs to the graphic designer as well, who then crafted a visual identity that perfectly matched the branding strategy.


Launch Branding Consultation

Following a soft launch when the place was tested by a closed group of people, the Hemingway Cult & Bar was open to everyone to provide a special atmosphere in the centre of Szombathely. To spread the word, we supported the communication with PR appearances (an article available here) in addition to social media communication.


Post-Launch Brand Communication Consultation

Following the launch, my role shifted towards supporting the online and PR communications (an article available here) as a consultant.

5. What Was the End Result?

The launch of Hemingway Cult & Bar in Szombathely was not just an opening of a new venue; it was the birth of a destination that perfectly blended literary heritage with modern sophistication.

In creating Hemingway Cult & Bar, we drew inspiration from the legendary spirit of Ernest Hemingway, envisioning a space where business, culture, and art intertwine to offer unparalleled experiences. The essence of this vision was captured in the digital presence. The website and visual design reflected the unique atmosphere of the bar – a place where the past meets the present, where every visit offers something new, and where guests can immerse themselves in a world of sophistication and culture.

The approach was holistic, ensuring that every aspect of Hemingway Cult & Bar, from its interior design to its online image, spoke of quality, uniqueness, and the timeless allure of Hemingway’s world. The narrative crafted for the website paints a vivid picture of a place that defies the ordinary, where every detail contributes to an enriching experience that speaks for itself.

Brand Essence and Digital Reflection

The brand essence, “A place that speaks for itself,” was not just a tagline but a guiding principle for everything that was created. It informed the design, the atmosphere, and the digital portrayal of Hemingway Cult & Bar. This coherence between the brand’s physical and digital presence ensures that visitors to the website can feel the allure of the bar before they even step through its doors. The slogan “Sip into the big world” encapsulates the invitation to experience the global within the local, a promise that is vividly fulfilled in every aspect of Hemingway Cult & Bar.

*Click on the image to see the pdf version of the website

In summary, the creation of Hemingway Cult & Bar and its resulting image as a distinguished venue in Szombathely’s hospitality scene was a carefully orchestrated blend of historical inspiration and contemporary appeal. Through strategic branding and communication, a place has been established that truly speaks for itself, offering a sip of the big world’s freshness with each visit.


6. Client Feedback

The following testimonial from Alexandra Tátrai, the Project Manager of Hemingway Cult & Bar hopefully properly shows s my efforts and passionate contribution:

“Thanks to Enikő’s professional knowledge, precision, and flexibility, we have created a brand that can evolve in the future. It was easy to work together due to interactive discussions and honest communication. From the birth of the idea to the first press release, Enikő participated in the preparation of every important moment, thereby not only helping us but also sharing her knowledge that we can use in the future.” – Alexandra Tátrai, Hemingway Cult & Bar.

It was a collaborative journey, the blend of expertise, shared vision, and dedication that led to the realization of Hemingway Cult & Bar’s brand.


7. My Reflection on the Project

I thoroughly enjoyed crafting the messages, finding a natural affinity for understanding the target audience, their interests, and how the place was positioned in the market. The process of defining brand identity, messaging, and market stance was like composing poetry, a playful dance with words.

This project was more than a job; it was a poetic experience, a journey I treasure.

The Hemingway Cult & Bar project shows how crucial it is to know your market, connect with your audience, and build a brand with a strong story. If you’re aiming to transform your brand in a similar way, I’m ready to help you make your vision a reality.



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