Explore brand awareness communication, the 1st stage of brand communication, reach new audiences and make a lasting impression

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In today’s competitive market, creating brand awareness is vital for any business seeking growth and success. It’s the first step on the customer journey, introducing your brand to new stakeholders, establishing a strong presence in the minds of potential customers, consumers or users.
4 stages of brand communication

In this previous article, you could read about the introduction of this blog series, a big picture summary of what brand communication really covers.

Now let’s explore the first stage, brand awareness communication, which targets those members of your target group who have not yet encountered your brand. Let’s detail it from the angles of communication goals, target groups, content of messages, and communication methods involved in this phase.


Communication Goals: Reaching new audiences, introducing your brand and your product to them

The primary goal of brand awareness communication is to reach new people within your target audience who have not yet heard about your brand. This is an opportunity to introduce your brand and showcase your products or services to potential customers who may be unaware of your company and brand, and of what you offer.

By setting this goal, you aim to create a lasting impression and foster curiosity among your audience.

Here, image communication plays a significant role. Although the terms “brand communication” and “image communication” are often used interchangeably, they are not the same. Image communication is just one part of brand communication, more specifically it’s the part of brand awareness building. Creating a visually appealing brand with catchy messages and consistent representation helps in drawing the attention of potential customers and piques their curiosity.


Target Groups: Who have not yet encountered your brand

In the area of brand awareness, the target group consists of those individuals who have yet to encounter your brand. These are the potential customers you aim to introduce to your products or services. Understanding this group involves delving into their demographics, preferences, behaviors, and needs. This knowledge allows you to easily find them and to tailor your messages resonating with their interests and motivations.


Content of Messages: An impressive, authentic and credible introduction

Content of messages in the brand awareness phase is about making a captivating introduction, delivering brand reputation and indirectly positioning the brand through the first impression. It’s about conveying your brand’s core identity, its values, its purpose and its story. It’s also about making your brand stand out from the crowd and showing what sets it apart from the competition. Messages should be concise meanwhile impactful, focusing on sparking curiosity and interest. This is the stage to emphasize your brand messages, highlight your business’ expertise and product benefits, and communicate the essence of your brand in a way that leaves a memorable impression on your target audience.

Now, let’s take a look about how you can effectively raise your brand awareness:


Communication channels and methods

1. Social Media and Influencer Marketing: Maximizing Online Presence

Social media is a powerful tool for brand awareness communication. Create organic and paid image-building content through your social media channels. Here you are few content types: About us messages, Service intros, Behind-the-scenes glimpses of your company life, Insights with clients, Values, mission, vision.

Collaborate with (micro) influencers who align with your brand to expand your reach and spread your messages also among their audiences

2. Google Ads: Capturing Online Audiences

Use Google Ads to reach potential customers who are searching for products or services similar to yours. Craft image-building content that resonates with your audience and showcases your brand’s credibility and unique offerings.

By appearing in search results and on relevant websites, you increase your chances of capturing the attention of potential customers.

3. Event Appearances: Face-to-Face Impression

Participating at events is an excellent way to introduce your brand to your audience in person (or online in the recent hybrid world). Whether it’s industry-specific conferences, trade shows, or community gatherings, events offer valuable visibility raising opportunities.

Having a booth presence with promotional materials and videos, creating an inviting space for attendees to learn about your brand, taking part in roundtable discussions and/or delivering keynote speeches are only some options to establish your expertise and leave a lasting impression.

4. Paid and PR Media Appearances: It’s not only for cover girls

Leverage paid and PR media appearances across various platforms to enhance your brand reputation. Collaborate with online and print magazines, be open to TV or radio interviews, and/or join podcasts that align with your brand values.

By providing image-building content and insightful interviews, you position yourself as an industry expert and elevate your brand’s credibility.

5. Cooperative Partnerships: Amplifying Your Message

Collaborate with like-minded businesses and partners to expand your brand communication reach.

Appear on their platforms with image-building content that complements your brand values. Cooperative partnerships create a win-win situation, as both brands benefit from the shared exposure to new audiences.

In the pursuit of business growth and success, brand awareness communication is the step to put your brand (your company with your product or service) on the map and to keep reaching more and more new potential customers.

Remember that building brand awareness is a journey, and consistency is key.

Express the same brand perception, deliver the same messages and showcase the same values across all touchpoints and channels.

By doing so, you create a memorable brand experience that resonates with your target audience, making your brand a household name in the hearts and minds of potential customers.

In a competitive world, those who stand out with purposeful and authentic brand awareness communication are the ones who thrive and leave a lasting impact. So, start building brand awareness today and watch your business soar to new heights.



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